Florentin Marfaign – short Interview

Age: 30
Birthplace: caen,france
Nationality: french
Grew up skating with: “die macht” in germany
Favorite skaters growing up: mussa fadi,dirk wenes ,klaus dieter span…
Favorite skaters now: dennis buzenitz,lucas puig ,alex carolino and many others …
What are you doing besides skateboarding: all kind of activities with my daughter and my wife
Favorite food: italian ,arabic ,mexican ,japanese and of course fench cuisine
Favorite music: funk, rap and reggae
Songs you been listening lately: some kind of 90 s rap s and funk
First sponsor: die falken ,some kind of wierd sponsor
Sponsors of now: vans shoes, satori wheels , zeropolis skateshop , crooks and castles clothing ,djinns …
First board: santa cruz team board or a bbc board
Board set up: board 7.65 ,50 m wheels ,venture trucks and swiss bearings
Favorite skate video: mouse ,plan b and habitat video
Favorite spots: paris le dome ,barca macba and paralell….
Where you get you r inspiration from: from orther sports ,like football boxing or any martial art,
Anything to say: watch out for the new cap series this year ,they are bangin!!!

Alex Carolino – short Interview

Age: 27 years old
Birthplace: Curitiba / Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Grew up skating with: With friends from my neighborhood , Milo , Andre… and many friends.
Later with homies like Marcos Mama , Dandy , jair , Dentinho .
Favorite skaters growing up: Danny Way
Favorite skaters now: Everyone that inspired me when i see
What are you doing besides skateboarding: Playng whit my daughter, house stuffs and when i got time do some muay thai is good for skating .
Favorite food: Lasagnhe bolonhesa
Favorite music: Right now i been listen alote of stuffs , but i Will say reggae ,chilling sounds
Songs you been listening lately: Vanessa da Mata (brazilian girl ) Racionais , Amy Winehouse , jay-z , KRS and MR BOB Marley
First sponsor: Nollie Street
Sponsors of now: DC shoes, zeropolis skate shop, Satori wheels
First board: Cheap one from dep. store later on i think was a Drop Dead i dont remember the model .
Board set up: Ventrure trucks , Satori wheels
Favorite skate video: Lakai flully frared
Favorite spots: Victory Plaza at RĂºssia , Paralela at Barcelona , Le Dome at Paris
Where you get you r inspiration from: From everything , life . skateboard of course. i can whacht a football game and get motiveted to skate .
How is your first pro cap: Good to have it . D jinns make dope caps , its nice to go skate whit my ouwn cap.
Anything to say: Say what up to all the hommies around the globe ! see ya soon , keep up Hustle Hard !